Test your app’s color palette automatically as you edit.
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Live accessibility testing

As you edit, WCAG color contrast tests run across color blindness simulations and appearances (e.g., dark mode, Apple TV). You can drill-down into test results or just use the top-line pass/fail symbol as a guide. Transparency and Apple system colors render for tests appropriately. 

Mockup UI

How often does a color swatch look great until it’s applied to text? Find colors faster by previewing them in template components, including gradient buttons, info boxes, and onboarding carousels.

70 peer-reviewed color maps

Draw inspiration from a bank of scientific color maps meant for plotting complex data with fidelity for color blind readers.

Parallel editing

Apply the same edit to multiple colors (e.g., invert, desaturate 10%) to make new appearances faster.

Snapshots + branching

Show a before snapshot with a key press to check your progress. Switch branches within your document to explore potential changes.

Import/export .xcassets + code

Drop in Xcode asset catalogs, color literals, Swift, hex, raw triplets, and macOS color lists. A batch mouse picker makes quick work of importing existing themes or inspirational images.


What is WCAG color contrast?

Apple recommends developers follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which includes standards for text and icon state legibility for people with diminished visual acuity from aging or common health conditions.

The standards currently use a heuristic, defined by a luminance differential, to rate the ease of reading text or differentiating colors that represent a meaningful state. 

WCAG Shades

Get a feel for what contrast ratios are with your camera.

Each pixel in your camera feed is WCAG color contrast tested with a color of your choice. Any with a failing contrast ratio will be removed from your feed.